Proud to Serve.  Proud to Solve.

Zenith American Solutions, over 70 years of experience serving
nearly two million plan participants.‚Äč

Our Mission

Our mission, we boldly take the risks and actions necessary to serve our clients, employees and shareholders.

Our Vision & History

Our vision, to provide one in four multi-employer participants throughout the United States with superior customer service; leading innovation;
and more than just administration.

Zenith American Solutions' the combined company of American Benefit Plan Administrators and Zenith Administrators.  Zenith American is a national TPA with experience that dates back to the 1940’s.

Today, Zenith American is the largest Taft-Hartley third-party administrator in the United States and operates multiple offices nationwide, each one focused on serving clients and participants locally through an unrivaled depth of resources and wealth of professional expertise.

Value Proposition

1. Personalized and accountable service

You could say “we get it.” We know that Trustees and plan members want caring, prompt and efficient service.  Using technology as a tool to provide 24/7 personal service and deliver easy-to-navigate online resources with relevant and understandable information, we lead the industry in performance metrics and service guarantees.

2. Flexible, cost effective and customized solutions

Our business model is classic TPA—focused on flexibility in administering many different plan designs, providing customized reporting, and coordinating with best-in-class partners who provide comprehensive PPO networks, stop loss insurance coverage, pharmacy benefit services, care management, wellness programs and access to value-added ancillary services. Our goal is to provide our clients with flexible yet integrated solutions.

3. Intelligent technology platform

It’s not just about simply administering your plan, it’s about partnering with our clients and their advisors to “effectively” administer the plan.  At Zenith American, we’ve developed advanced, data-driven systems to provide customized, on-demand reporting, allowing Trustees and their advisors to make better, informed decisions about their benefit plans.

4. Industry-specific understanding and solutions

At Zenith American, we leverage our insight and experience with specific industries to offer clients tailored approaches that work for their Trust Funds.  Our flexibility gives us the ability to customize administrative services and technology offerings to meet the unique needs of our customers regardless of the industry in which they operate.

Meet The Management Team

Art Schultz - Chief Executive Officer
Garry Welsh - EVP, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administration Officer
Tom Sciuto - Executive Vice President, Chief Client Officer
Ivars Blums - Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Ben Pauley - CLU, CEBS Executive Vice President, Business Development
Tom Rhodes - Senior Vice President Client Services
Craig Steffen - Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Curtis Donley - Vice President, Client Services
Lynn Gonzalez - Human Resources Advisor
Katy O'Connor, SPHR - Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Karen Mulroe - Senior Vice President, General Counsel
Mark Mead - Senior Vice President National Pension Fund
Bonnie Payson - Vice President, Client Relations
Pati Piro-Bosley - Senior Vice President, Client Relations
Mary Laffey - Vice President, Client Services
Mike Shea - Vice President, Client Services