Zenith American Solutions is fully ICD-10 Compliant and Prepared

Release date: 9/30/2015

Zenith American Solutions is proud to announce that we are fully prepared to meet the October 1, 2015 deadline for ICD-10, a federal mandate that requires all providers and HIPAA-covered entities use updated diagnosis and procedure codes to bill for health care services.  This was an enormous undertaking as the codes expanded from 17,000 to over 154,000.  While we have worked and tested with all of our trading partners such as provider networks and wellness vendors, we recognize that there is a potential for disruption in reimbursement, overall claims processing, and general turnaround time.  To minimize disruption to our members and clients during this period of potential industry disruption, we are closely monitoring for ICD-10 related impacts to our claims processing so we can quickly react to any necessary change. 

As part of our proactive approach in working to ensure a smooth transition, Zenith American Solutions has formed an ICD-10 Internal Command Center that will coordinate, review, evaluate and resolve any issues as efficiently and quickly as possible that may be incurred during this transition period. Periodic communications will be made through our website and directly to our clients to inform of progress, industry issues regarding ICD-10, and notifications of any major impacts to our current process.

In addition, Zenith American has a plan in motion for contingent staffing and processes to assist in a smooth transition to ICD-10. This contingency plan includes additional staffing within our Customer Service and Claims Departments, as well as an increased Quality Review staff and audit percentage as we, along with our partners/vendors, evaluate the impact ICD-10 is having through the end of 2015 and beyond. 

About Zenith American Solutions

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