Services Designed
Around You

We are committed to developing services and solutions that are responsive to the needs of our clients for today and tomorrow.

Administration Services

Every plan is unique and demands a personalized approach. Each of our offices—staffed with experienced and highly trained professionals—is focused on serving clients locally. We bring all the advantages of a national organization without any of the red tape and politics of a central office. This gives each of our offices the autonomy to offer a transparent fee structure and the flexibility to manage your plan the right way.


Banking and Financial Services

Zenith American Solutions is the administrator of choice for clients requiring a high level of expertise in all aspects of financial accounting and regulatory reporting.  Our financial administration services are designed to meet the specialized needs of our clients.

Vendor Services

We are committed to developing services that are responsive to the needs of our vendors for today and for the future.


Other Services

Our experienced staff is knowledgeable in the complexities of health claim processing, pension and retirement administration, managed care, COBRA administration, eligibility accounting, and flexible spending accounts, supported by a large team of expert benefit information system professionals. We are experienced in virtually every aspect of benefit plan management.