Trust Administration

Specializing in multi-employer trust administration.


Employer Billing, Contribution Accounting and Eligibility Determination

Employer billings are customized to meet each trust’s requirements.  Accurate records of all hours worked by plan participants ensures credit for benefit eligibility.

Delinquent Contribution

Zenith American manages the delinquency reporting and auditing programs, and refers to the collection attorney.

Reciprocity Administration

Zenith American’s system tracks, reports and facilitates the transfer of monies to the reciprocal trust in a timely manner.

Union Dues Administration

An advanced system tracks and maintains records for dues payments, then funds are transferred to the locals monthly.

Training Trust Administration

Zenith American monitors collection and coordination of apprenticeship and training program contributions.

Vacation and Savings Funds

Zenith American tracks, reports and transfers vacation monies to financial institutions.

COBRA Administration

Zenith American has been providing COBRA Administration services since it became law in 1985. Our clients choose Zenith American as their COBRA administrator confident that they will receive the same exceptional service that we provide to our health and pension plan clients. Our services include:
  • Initial notification letters to all new hires
  • Qualifying event notification
  • On-going customer service and maintenance upon COBRA coverage election
  • Tracking of premium payments and due dates 
  • Eligibility transfer with fees to other vendors
  • Termination notice after COBRA coverage period
  • Compliance with program administration requirements 
  • Comprehensive COBRA activity reports
  • Provide payment coupons (if applicable)
  • Administration of ARRA

HIPAA Administration

In addition to providing HIPAA certificate distribution services, Zenith American is HIPAA compliant for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Privacy and Security regulations. Our HIPAA compliance services include:
  • HIPAA Certificate at the time of Qualifying Event
  • Second HIPAA Certificate at the end of COBRA coverage 
  • A secure work environment to protect personal health information 
  • Trading Partner interfacing
  • Compliance with program administration requirements for the technical and operational aspects