Billing, Eligibility, and Pension

Powerful and flexible Benefit Administration systems to tackle growing complexities 
of Multi Employer/Taft-Hartley administration.

Our Systems offer Zenith American clients the following key features:

  • Web-based/thin-client architecture
  • Easy system navigation
  • Open architecture and easy application integration
  • Designed for performance and scalability
  • Specifically designed for Taft-Hartley/Multi-employer funds
  • Simple rules-engine interfaces for non-technical users
  • Strong levels of security and HIPAA compliance
  • Built-in, ready-to-use correspondence system
  • Extensive set of existing reports and ad-hoc reporting
  • SAS-70 audit by Grant Thornton

The Zenith American Solutions' systems provide the following functions:

Employer Contract Management & Billing
  • Track employer agreements and rates
  • Quick access to contribution records, complete with over/shortage and delinquency history
Agreements & Rates
  • Ability to define complex contribution rates and agreements with multiple rate components, override and delinquency rules
Contribution Accounting
  • Separate cash accounting and contribution accounting systems, allow for flexible payment application
  • Data entry system allows fund/member level detail entries and quick update of employment history
Member Management
  • Comprehensive screen display contains pertinent information about a member and his/her dependents
  • Tab view shows correspondence, eligibility/employment/contribution history, benefit accounts, authorization history, alternate IDs, life events, and payee records
  • One click access to detail views of any of these objects
  • Dynamically calculated according to user definable rules
  • Multi-dimensional eligibility history allows accurate data interface (e.g., 834 transactions)
  • Complete compliance, payment accounting, and COBRA administration system with user definable letter templates, election rules, and benefit accounts
  • Calculation of pension and vesting credit accruals, breaks-in-service, separation in service, etc., according to user definable pension benefit rules
  • Inquiry displays with snapshot of member’s retirement account for quick response to benefit questions
Data Interface
  • Multi-dimensional eligibility and pension benefit data enables quick and accurate data interface via HIPAA compliant EDI (834s) or actuarial reporting
Reporting Capabilities
  • Reporting can be set up as scheduled and automated or ad hoc
  • Features include built-in report balancing with multiple output options – data files, paper, and graph formatting, and a powerful, easy-to-use ad hoc reporting tool
Correspondence Tracking
  • Readily viewable within their associated categories, correspondence can include general phone notes and attachments of any kind, including .pdf, .jpg, .txt, or .doc formats
  • Correspondence files tagged by status and creation date, and security controlled for different domains.